Online WebReels

Build a custom web page to showcase your work in minutes. Target WebReels to specific audiences. No programming required!


Use QuickView for fast review and approval of video, stills, audio and even banner ads. Get detailed notifications when files are viewed. The best part? No login necessary.

Nice View

Creative collaboration has never been easier. Comment and draw on specific frames of a video and share with the whole team.

Nice Spots V3

An all new interface with drag and drop files and folders, smart playlists and a dashboard for advanced reporting and tracking. Coming soon!

Nice Spots is an easy to use and cost effective web-based application that streamlines the production of video, audio,
print and web campaigns. Sign up for a free trial now and see for yourself how our clients use Nice Spots for
quick review and approval, building, sending and tracking reels, creative collaboration,
automated DVD creation and much more.

  Did you know?
Nice Spots supports review and approval of banner ads.
You may have heard about this thing called the "internets". Apparently some folks want to use it to advertise. Well, Nice Spots can help with that.

Simply upload the banner ads in swf format and share via QuickView. Recipients can view and even comment on playable banner ads.

  Reel Samples
Sample two of Nice Spots' main presentation tools.
See an example of a WebReel and QuickView page. For you, no charge.


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